Curwen's Tower (3)

Green Orb
-After some initial investigation and hypotheses, Min eventually found a Roteshi symbol centered up beneath the large orb of energy that Cornelius translated as simply “Up”
-Upon touching the orb, each member of the party disappeared with a pop.
-The last one yet again, Cornelius shook his head at the impulsiveness of his companions and placed his hand upon the orb as well

Red Room and Deplume
- Each party member was deposited in the same room. A room made entirely of a deep red brick with a glossy finish that lent the light suffusing the room an odd tint.
-The room had three doors with different colored crystal handles. One was Blue, one Red, and one Orange. It was also filled with incredibly graphic erotic art.
-The centerpiece of the room was a metal statue of a life-sized gnome grinning madly as it embraced its own 5 foot tall, one foot diameter engorged phallus.
-There was a real gnome on the other side of this statue very minutely polishing the statuary gnome’s left ass-cheek.
-Dobash rushed over and grabbed the gnome before he could bolt and started shaking the ever loving hell out of him until he answered the party’s questions.
-Deplume, the gnome, answered questions in a rather squirrely way, eventually cracked open a door for you all, and was summarily let go of by Dobash….after one last violent shaking session.
-Deplume bolted for the opposite corner of the room and scampered into a very small secret door you all hadn’t noticed before.
- Min opened the door he cracked and a three foot tall scorpion with constantly moving and changing rainbow skin came tearing out and a fight erupted
- After a few minutes of the hypnotic effect of the creature’s skin, most of the party shook off the effects and you were able to take it down in swift order.
- You chose to attempt to open the orange handled door since the gnome told you the other one was trapped and Min got a funny feeling about it.
-One by one as you clicked the handle to the 90 degree position, there was a small POP and you disappeared

Orange Room and a Statue
-You all reappeared in the heart of a volcano
-Kidding of course, but the floor, walls, and ceiling of this next room appeared to be made of molten lava, giving off a burning orange glow that lit the room. The air was fresh and cool like a crisp autumn night, however.
-This room, like the last, was meticulously decorated with erotic art. The theme of this room apparently being tentacles and dark elves. The showpiece of this room was a life-sized stone statue of a drow priestess in strips of cloth that could not honestly be called clothing (since clothing is meant to cover skin) in mid-swing of a Cat-O-Nine-Tails.
-There were three doors in this room with different colored crystal handles as well. One Red, one Yellow, one Orange
-Testing a theory, you all one by one placed a hand on the glass orb sitting in a wall sconce right next to where you appeared
-One by one you disappeared with a POP and reappeared back in the red room. Realizing this was the way back, you progressed to the orange room again
-After some debate, you chose to open the yellow handled door in this room. When you did, the door opened onto a white plane of light. Min immediately recognized the similarity to the white plane of light the tornado pulled you all up into from the Forest Room, and walked right in. You all followed suit.

Yellow Room and Rosemary
-This next room shined. There was a golden light suffusing everything. The walls, floors, and ceiling appeared to be made of white marble with copious flecks of gold littering the marble.
-It was also decorated with erotic art, had three doors with different colored handles, and a showpiece in the middle of the room.
-This showpiece was alive, however. Hanging from the ceiling from golden manacles at the wrists was a woman with long flowing blonde hair that fell to her waist. She was wearing a form-fitting golden toga and her striking features and deep blue eyes stared at you defiantly from behind a cloth of gold gag tied around her mouth.
-You freed her and questioned her. Her name is Rosemary. She was a resident of Freeport and has been kept here for some time. You tell her what time of year it is and she gets a look on her face before telling you it’s been months she’s been kept here. It’s hard to tell time in here since the light never wanes.
-She questions you in turn and find out you’re here to deal with Curwen. She insists if you are here to kill him, she wants the body to show her family that her stalker and attacker was real and is now dead.
-You decide to take her with you and begin ruminating on the door to choose. She mentions that one visit, Curwen opened the yellow handled door over there (she points) rummaged around a bit and made some heavy thumping noises, then came out, closed the door, and left without saying a word to her.
- Min finds a trap on the door and Cornelius attempts to disarm it. He fails the attempt, realizes he is going to fail, and dive-rolls backward ten feet landing with one-knee/one-fist on the ground. A whirling, chaotic ball of energy begins to coalesce and shoots out….towards the golden manacles hanging from the ceiling. They shine for a moment and then stop. The door stands cracked open.
-Inside is a storage room of sorts. Every available space holds boxes and crates and piles of clothing and various other strange objects. It’s the weirdest storage room you’ve seen, though, because the floors, walls, and ceiling all appear to have their own gravity. You can walk up to a wall, place your foot on it, and continue walking up the wall as if it were the floor
-There is a dead body in here and the room smells like roast pork. Min notices the body is kneeling on a metal plate and bracing itself with one hand on a small metal stool while reaching out for a small leather sack with a drawstring. She also notices the small electrical discharge around its hand and avoids touching the body or the metal plate it is kneeling on.
-Min retrieves the sack the body is reaching for. Dobash enters and sees the boat on the ceiling. After closer inspection, he finds it folds up, smaller and smaller, until it is a 1 foot by 6 inch by 6 inch box. Dobash takes the boat in a box.
-Rosemary also enters the room after you all say it is safe and begins sorting through a pile of clothing, pulling out a simple dress and boots. She waits until you are done searching the room and uses it as a changing room.
-You then decide to try the door with the green crystal handle. Behind it is a white sheet of light that everyone walks into.

- This room is bigger than the last three. The floor is a green tile mosaic, but the walls and ceiling seem to pulse between blue, purple, and and deep violet
-There are 5 doors in this room, but no handles. There are simply hand prints carved into the center of the stone doors.
-You spend some time trying to open them all together, then one at a time, the mechanism was tricky, however.
-Cornelius eventually stumbled upon the answer when smacking the door in frustration.
-The doors needed to be touched in colored sequence as they cycled. You all took one each and started trying to open them
-Asir’s door opened onto a room with a kaleidoscope-like ceiling.
-An old mummified corpse was sitting in a corner, head angled up as though the eye-sockets were looking at the light show. One hand wrapped around the stem of a crystal wineglass. On it’s head, was a bright red, conical shaped…hat of sorts. It was a strange material you’ve never seen before. Stiff, but not leather. Thin, but not fragile. Slightly flexible but able to hold it’s shape. It didn’t appear to do anything when Min placed it on her own head, so she kept it for further study later
- Two of the other doors had magical traps on them, one of which Min was able to resist, the other rendered Corym paralyzed for nearly ten minutes.
-Dobash’s Door opened and a flood of literal red herrings came pouring out. He could not close the door against the flow of fish himself. Asir had to rush over and help him. But not before several hundred pounds of live fish lay flopping and squirming all over the floor.
-Cornelius was the last to open his door, and upon completing the color sequence, with a crack and a boom, a torrential storm started raining down in the room. It wasn’t water however, but champagne. It rained champagne heavily for many minutes, filling the room to nearly knee height with champagne before it stopped.
-The downpour put out the torches that had been lighting the room. A fortuitous occurrence, because it allowed Min to see a glowing glyph on the wall with her infravision. Depressing the glyph on the wall opened a secret door that led to a spiral staircase heading upwards, further into the Tower.



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