Vault of Elements (6)

"Those who don't build must burn." -Ray Bradbury

Beauty and the Beast
After a stunned moment, Min yelled, “I knew it!” She knelt beside the creature, covering it with her cloak, and whispered into its ear. Then, as Fogel regained consciousness, the creature explained that he was Corym. He told the party how he was raised as an elf, and that he was an elf in his heart, despite his outward appearance. Corym explained he had been frightened to show us his real form not knowing what our reaction would be. Asir and Cornelius were kind and welcoming to Corym despite his appearance. Min remained quiet while Fogel tried to move everyone past the uncomfortable situation fearing it would become a distraction in the midst of their dangerous environment.

*Internal thought: Min does not believe that Corym is an elf, despite his assertions to the contrary. A thing is or a thing isn’t. There is not amount of wishing that can make it so, save the most powerful of mage spells.

Re-examined the Crystal Statue Room that knocked Fogel and Corym out
Aside from a beautiful crystal statue of the Guardian, and an area inscribed with runes that Min deduced may have been the mechanism that summoned the invisible knock out creatures, this room held nothing of note.

Symbol of Syreth Overload Room
Moving down a hall, the party entered a room which was covered – floor, walls, and ceiling – with impressions of the symbol of Syreth. Cornelius and Min tried to determine which were trapped and which would lead us forward. After several close calls and triggered traps, the Relic Hounds opened a door revealing a small alcove with a strong updraft.

Oubliette up the Secret Wind Shaft
Min, Cornelius and Fogel stepped into the alcove and were lifted in the air to another room 30 feet above. There they found very old human remains of a person who had seemingly became trapped in the room. A symbol of Syreth was required to reverse the flow of air down the oubliette, and none was found with the bones.

More Traps in the Big Windy Room
The party explored the remaining walkways in the large cavern. All led nowhere, unless you count traps intended for the party’s doom.

The Gaol is Open
Fearing the last foci may have been stolen by the creatures of fire, the party moved back towards the entrance of the Vault. Upon exiting the Air Wing the party heard chanting in a otherworldly tongue. Horrified, they saw that the doors to the Gaol of Pyralis were cracked open.

Half of a Fight
Asir went to try and rally the priests (but the door leading out was locked and unresponsive), and the others rushed to the cracked prison door. Fogel squeezed through the crack first and found 7 fire creatures chanting around a symbol of fire on the ground. The Gaol was filled with the sounds of dripping water, a discordant whistling, and the fire creatures’ fel canticle. The larger creature that carried a glass sword barked a command, and 5 of the creatures ceased their ritual and turned towards Fogel. 2 of them flew forth and breathed streams of fire, severely wounding the scarred adventurer. Fogel made a tactical retreat to be healed and allow the party to regroup.

A moment later, Corym tossed through the body of the dead Battle-Priest the party found when first entering the Vault. Gouts of flame struck the body, then the party threw the doors wide. The creatures blasted several members of the party with more flame and magical bolts. We came in swinging and shooting. Two creatures fell but so did Cornelius.

The battle raged on, many blows were struck, Asir fled screaming and panicked back down the wind hallway.

The two larger fire creatures joined the fray. The ritual seemed to continue despite their entry into combat. Corym revived Cornelius. And the party found themselves in a stalemate with no resolution in sight…



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